Sunday, April 26, 2009


My current loves:
  • 3 minute miracle by aussie. it smells great and makes your hair super soft.
  • bumble and bumble. pretty much all hair products but mostly the surf spray and the grooming creme. love.
  • terri lynn...she's my hair dresser. she does amazing things with hair.
  • brett dennen...he's my new chill out music. absolutely love the song, san francisco.
  • zac brown band...favorite new country band.
  • mexican burrito pie...thank you maher, for this recipe.
  • it out, you'll love it too.
  • train travel...what a great way to go places and get things done at the same time(including sleep)
  •'s my favorite spring shape
  • messy hair... thanks to bumble and bumble products and my new goal to be better to my hair, i have been blow drying it less and letting it hang loose and wavvvvvy more often.
  • new favorite accessory
  • protein plus special k...deeeeeeeeeeeelicious
  • lady gaga...sick love for shaking my ass to her songs

1 comment:

JessLeigh87 said...

Hey! I love bumble and bumble but have not used their surf spray. Is it great? Might consider getting some! I also agree with the love for Lady Gaga--I REALLY REALLY want to hate her..but it doesn't work out..I always end up dancing when I hear her music.