Sunday, January 04, 2009

16 thangz

The wonderful Lucas tagged me in some 16 things post, so I respond. 16 things about me... hmmm...

1. I have worn the same size of shoe since I was in 7th grade. The first pair of shoes I had in that size were a really sweet pair of Nike Air Huaraches.

2. I refused to let my mom brush my hair as a child so she kept it cut short and I was often mistaken for a boy.

3. I love sandwiches. There are so many possibilities.

4. Cilantro is probably my favorite herb.

5. I don't have any unattractive friends. I don't know how it works, but all my friends are above average in the attractive category.

6. I own a sewing machine and like to sew. I wish I had more time to sew and a big space to spread out projects so it would be easier to work on them. One day, I will.

7. I am a total binge reader and a fast reader. I will read a lot of books in a short amount of time then not read for a few months then binge again.

8. I wear black, A LOT, but not in an emo or goth way. It's easy and a classic look.

9. Fountain pop is like crack to me. Diet Coke fountain pop. Bring me on and be my best friend forever. (My roommate brought me one today. Love her.)

10. I could eat Subway everyday. Everyday. Please see #3.

11. I prefer to drink coffee(or hot tea) from a ceramic mug, the old school way. I love to wrap both of my hands around the mug and smell it just like in the commercials.

12. I think anyone can get through life knowing(and following) these things:
--Good grammar and good manners will get you a long way.
--Behaviors have consequences.
--You can never be over dressed, only under dressed.
--Don't be dumb.

13. I love to play board games(mostly Scrabble) and drink wine.

14. I think birthdays are great and don't understand people that don't like to celebrate them.

15. I, have, a, really, bad, habit, of, over-using, commas.

16. I like simple(as in style not -minded.)

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