Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Have I become a bag lady?

I have always wondered why some people carry such big bags around with them all the time...the mom bag, I called it. I have friends who carry crazy amounts of unnecessary stuff around with them all the time. With my schedule becoming increasingly busy lately, I have found myself carrying a bigger bag to and from work lately(hello multitasking on my break).

Fearful that I was becoming a "mom bagger" I dumped out the contents of my bag to assess the situation. Keep in mind that I have literally been home for one full hour out of the last 31 hours(I worked overnight at the hospital) so it may have a little more in it than usual.

-cell phone and charger
-cooking light magazine
-book, Three Nights in August
-granola bar
-2 tubes of chapstick
-tube of lip gloss
-toothbrush and toothpaste
-2 pens
-variety of sharpies
-my planner
-clean underwear
-papers to apply to volunteer to tutor homless kids
-work keys and ID
-nail polish, file and polish remover
-cough drops
-soy nuts and dried cherries

I would say that isn't too bad considering I have been gone from home since 630 yesterday morning, stopped home for an hour yesterday afternoon to shower and change and won't be back home until 2pm today.


Anonymous said...

how do you like Three Nights in August? I think it's a cool book and I still recall that series.


megan said...

i'm just thinking, if everyone had a bag full of that stuff, the world would be sooooooo much better/cleaner/fresher/healthier. i salute you, stace.