Saturday, November 22, 2008

Goodbye Metrodome

I am a little nostalgic as I sit here watching the Iowa vs. MN game tonight. As much as I would like to see MN win their last game in the Metrodome, I don't want to see Iowa lose. Hopefully, Floyd of Rosedale will go to the most deserving team...and I do love Shonn Greene. GO HAWKS!!!

The last time I was at the Metrodome was probably 5 years ago for another Iowa/Minnesota match up. Iowa won in an upset and the Iowa fans rushed the field and tried to take a goal post out of the dome. The Iowa athletic dept ended up paying about $15,000 in damages, but I do believe we went to the Alamo Bowl that year. A great game that I also attended...and upset against Texas Tech in which Nate Kaeding let the Iowa Marching band in "In Heaven There is No Beer" after the win.  But I digress, at that Iowa/MN game was the first time that I met my now sister-in-law, as it was my brother's first year of law school at Iowa and he, Jill and Nat went to the game. I was in my ICU clinicals at the time and I had to work a 7pm-7am shift the night before the game and Aaron, Jodie, and Spence picked me up at UIHC and we drove straight to the game where we had a great time. That night we went out and and a very memorable time in the Twin Cities. We ran into some of the MN players at the bars that night and Aaron recognized one of them who had been injured that day during the game and said to him, "Didn't I see you riding the stationary bike on the sidelines today?" Well, this was enough to piss the player off enough to want to kick Aaron's ass. I somehow got thrown in the middle of this, because of course, the guy wouldn't hit a girl. A classic way to diffuse any hostile situation. Anyhow, it was a great weekend. 

I will be sad to see the Metrodome go with all these great memories of it(and the only Big 10 stadium that serves alcohol) but will be glad to see MN play real football in an outdoor stadium despite the elements, because I do remember being at Iowa games when I was little where the refs threatened to give penalties if people didn't stop throwing snow balls onto the field.  Welcome to the game, kids.

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