Thursday, September 11, 2008

dreams and books

I finished reading She's come undone by Wally Lamb tonight. Pretty good book. I am a total binge reader. I go through streaks of quickly reading book after book. When I get through the stack of books I'd been intending to read I stop and don't read for a couple of months again. Acquire a new stack, dive in and read obsessively. It's my pattern.

This made my day today:
One of my friends(allowed to remain anon) called me tonight to tell me that he had a dream about us the other night. One of the best dreams of his life. He said that one of us had a friend that worked for Warner Brothers and had stolen us a copy of the new Harry Potter 6 movie. Then we sat in his apartment on his couch, cross-legged, and holding hands watching the movie because we were SO excited. 
How fun is that dream? Like little kids sooo excited to watch the movie that we had to hold hands out of pure excitement. I. love. it. 

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