Monday, June 16, 2008

my current obsessions

I thought I would be nice and give you a break from my constant posting about the floods.

Instead, I'll bore you by telling you about the things I am loving right now! Lucky you.

Music selections:
* falling down by scarlett johansson(its really pretty awful but I like it for some reason)
* love in this club
* forever by chris brown
* leaving' by Jesse McCartney

* cracked pepper and olive oil triscuts
* sabra hummus
* mushrooms(the veggie not the drug)
* diet mt dew(less teeth staining than diet coke)
* pale pink Essie nail polishes like mademoiselle and sugar daddy
* linen pants
* sun dresses
* eating outdoors

Things I'm very excited about:
* kenny concert with lisa and aaron this weekend
* megan's graduation party
* my brother visiting next weekend

1 comment:

Aaron said...

You owe me $0.99 for downloading that "Falling Down" crap.

Also, I LOVE diet mt dew, too! It tastes the same but is so much healthier.

Get excited for Kenny!