Sunday, June 15, 2008


With the Iowa river expected to crest today or tomorrow in Iowa City, I continue to be sad about the destruction the flooding has caused. I can't believe that 83 of the 99 counties in Iowa are proclaimed disaster areas. I remember the effects of the flood of '93 and can't believe that this one will be worse. Everytime I see pictures of Iowa City, the Coralville strip and Cedar Rapids(which I am obsessed with looking at) my jaw drops at how far the water is out of its boundaries. Just two years ago Iowa city took a beating from a tornado, rebuilt and is having to deal with this. My poor alma mater.

What did the state do to deserve all of this? It's a state full of nice people and corn. Leave them alone.

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Luke said...

Whoever the hell pissed off Mother Nature and God needs to apologize, because it's getting ridiculous here.

You're right, Iowa is full of nice people...we don't deserve this.