Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I feel like I have been working like a crazy person lately. Well, maybe not working that much but my schedule has been wacky.

I can't wait to go to St Louis on Friday despite the weather forecast being dismal for the game on Friday night. I haven't visited my brother since he got married last year. I hear he has a lot of yard work lined up for me to help him with. It should be a blast, we can have fun doing pretty much anything together.

While I am usually very excited about my birthday and celebrate it for most of the spring and summer, I am not all the hyped up about it this year. I am not really sure why not, as I have lots of exciting things going on for it. Maybe I'm just getting to be that old.

I am excited to be going to Mexico in a week for an extension of my birthday. It will be just a small group of friends have a fun extended weekend together. I sure hope I get a killer tan.

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Lisa said...

The forecast is definitely predicting you will be BLACK when you return from Mexico! Can't wait!