Saturday, March 22, 2008

POOR LISA--update 2

So, upon checking Lisa's weekly horoscope, we realized she may have made a bad decision by choosing to go along with YOBTTW(but it's too late now, she is in it):

This is one of those rare times when your empathy could undo you unless you adhere to the following guidelines. 1. Squelch any attraction you might have to fascinating ruins, sexy decay, or appalling beauty. 2. If you have been sucked into the sphere of a good-looking monster or seductive tyrant, yank yourself free. 3. Break your gaze the instant you sense you're falling under the sway of a flaming narcissist. 4. Suppress the temptation to think this thought: "I'm bored with my hell; I want to hang out in your hell for a change."

She decided to join my hell...ha ha ha.

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