Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's a new year...and it will be called...

So, it is officially the 2 year anniversary of the begining of the Year of Yes. Someone suggested that I repeat it, but I say no, as do all of my friends. During the YOY they were drug along with it and were often quite miserable. So, I won't put myself nor them through that again, because I am pretty sure none of them would go anywhere in public with me if they knew I was doing it again.

So, the decision is The Year of BALLS TO THE WALLS!(sorry, mom). No, I am NOT going to be c-r-a-z-y all year and am in fact dragging Lisa into it, too. We are going to be more forward with the theory that the more we get rejected the easier it gets. Ha ha. No, really. Neither of us have any game. No Game Giglio and No Game Lens, well, not anymore, kiddos. We're putting on our jerseys and bringing our "A" game.

**Lisa, in an attempt not to participate tried to recommend that we do the Year of "Hold ME" and be more cuddly, because we both like our space bubbles to be kept in tact. She went as far as to recommend we become Plushies...if you know what they are, you will wet your pants laughing right now. It was all a joke, no worries. Lisa isn't a freak.

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