Monday, July 30, 2007

Some of my favorite things

I love, love, love seeing people trip and/or fall. Maybe it's because it happens so unexpectedly and is completely unplanned humor, but nothing makes me laugh harder. You may think it's mean that I find this hilarious, but it is not a mean spirited laugh(nor a quiet laugh), it is a genuine, all the way from my toes laugh.

One of my all time favorite trips was when I was probably in 4th grade. My mom made my brother and I breakfast every morning. While my brother spread out on the kitchen table, eating his toast or Pop Tarts over the paper(folding up the crumbs in the paper to be dropped all over the next unsuspecting reader) I was left with a small area to eat my Smore's Pop Tart. On this particular morning, my mom also made us bananas with peanut butter on them. As she was bringing the plate over to the table, she caught her toe on the floor, flying forward into the kitchen table and throwing the plate of bananas and peanut butter towards us, not to mention scaring the living daylight out of us. With amazing skill, the plate landed right side up, salvaging the bananas. My mom's pride may have been a little bruised, but the food was saved and I was left with a sore side from laughing so hard.

Another thing I love to watch is people attempting to parallel park. Why do so many people have such trouble with it? It's really not that hard. In front of the tanning salon that I work at, it is all street parking so I get to watch people parallel park all morning long. What a treat!!!

The best parallel parking story I have is from one summer when my brother, his (now) wife and I were all having appetizers and drinks at the TGIFriday's in downtown St Louis before we headed to a Cardinals game. We were sitting outside having good conversation when a new yellow VW bug was attempting to park in the worlds largest spot right across the street. The car tried several times and could not master the art(even though the spot was twice as large as this little car needed). After about 4 attempts and bumping(sometimes ramming) its bumper with the car in front and in back of it every time, the passenger got out to help direct. By this time, every person on the patio was tuned into the parallel parking show. With guidance from her passenger and 3 more attempts the bug was finally parked. When the driver got out form the nearly 20 minute parking ordeal, everyone on the TGI's patio started cheering and clapping for this poor lady. She was so embarrassed that she got back in her car and left after all that effort. Good luck finding a non-parallel parking spot in the downtown of a large city.

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