Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Apartment

I have moved and have a new apartment and a new roommate. Feel free to stop by and visit us anytime. We are both very busy and hardly ever home, but you can still ring our doorbell.

I am most excited about our back patio and new bistro set. I can see lots of good times being spent out there with some great conversations.

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Anonymous said...

I did stop by and see your apartment, but it didn't have the settled in look that I would like to see. When I get invited back, I will return. This time I don't want any attitude about how I help move your things. ;-) I would like to go to Orange and the popcorn store.

Moving you is such a treat!!! Oh, the memories. Do you ever notice how your bro is seldom available to help?! However, you were treated to yard maintainance when you visited him.