Monday, March 05, 2007

Pronto condoms: The quickest way to get it on(and reduce AIDS in Africa)

Roelf Mulder, an industrial designer, of South Africa’s XYZ Design made this condom applicator with the hopes of encouraging the use of condoms and reducing the spread of AIDS. The application directions are:

"The user holds the device with the thumb and forefinger of both hands, pulling the condom down over the penis in a single rapid movement. "

Sounds easy enough, right? What will matter most is the willingness of the people to use the device.

The applicators are currently being sold(a bit pricey as you would have to get them shipped from Africa) through Pronto condoms. Their website is really interesting and has demonstrations(here and here) on how to use the device. I highly recommend checking it out.

They have a great slogan too, "Pronto condoms, the quickest way to get it on."

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