Monday, March 05, 2007

Get better sleep...naked is a website promoting people to sleep naked.

The site claims that a person will actually have a better nights sleep if they are in the buff. The theory(I don't see any citations on the site, they claim to have a research page, but i couldn't get to it) is that when nude, you are more relaxed and comfortable, resulting in falling asleep faster and into a deeper and longer sleep.

Sleep Naked also encourages partners to sleep naked together and they will have an increase in intimacy. Studies also show that it showed improved fertility in men, due to the lack of clothing and cooler conditions(just like men that go commando or wear boxers are more fertile than men that wear whitey-tighties).

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marvin said...

Hi there..

You are right about comfortable and relaxing body.....

There are 101 ways to get good night they are...

101 ways to get good night sleep

1.The bedroom should not be too hot or too cold. High temperatures can lead to disturbances in the quality of sleep. The optimum temperature is 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If the room is too cold, use humidifier or warm blankets.

2.Don’t discuss about the bills or problems or watch television in the bedroom.

3.Drinking warm milk before going to bed helps in soothing the nervous system. As milk contains calcium, it works on the nervous system and makes the body relax.

4.Sleep on back as it allows all the internal organs to rest properly and it is the best position for relaxing.

Rests of 101 ways are……...