Monday, September 04, 2006

School Administrator criticized for posing nearly naked in fundraiser calendar

A small community in Iowa is causing a stink about a calendar the local rotary club has put together to raise money for a new park. The calendar is a spoof off of the movie Calendar Girls. Local leaders in this small town posed nearly naked and were superimposed into scenes for the calendar.

The local superintendent is catching a lot of flack for this stunt. He defends himself saying it was an attempt to raise money for a new park and that he was wearing swim trunks in the photo but you can not see them.

Get the whole story. It also includes a news video showing all the pictures in the calendar.


Chork said...

I am wondering if this picture was taken at Oren's ranch, as Brad is a teacher on this man's staff at Manning.

robjellis said...

I liked the part where it mentioned Kathy Swanson, "a parent and grandparent of students in the school district." I guess that is actually possible, if Kathy's daughter started popping out babies at age 13. Only in Iowa! :)