Monday, December 10, 2007

my crazy busy never ending life

People tell me all the time that I am too busy and I am crazy. I personally like my life busy and don't like to have too much spare time in which I am allowed to let my brain rot...and we have always known that I am a little weird.

This past week was exceptionally busy. Tuesday night, Mel came into town for a 5 day stay as she had a conference in the city. I am pretty sure she just went to a book fair, but insists it was a conference. Starting on Wednesday, I am on an 8 day stretch at the hospital, which is extra busy because we are full with kids right now.

Thursday I worked 14 hours at the hospital then went to Oak Park to meet up with Sanj and hang out for a little while. Since it is the holiday season there were even more social a Wig Out it's the Holiday's party on Friday night that a friend from college was hosting. Mel, Lisa and I threw on out hottest wigs and made an appearance at the party. A very fun theme with some interesting hair pieces.

Saturday proved to be another long day as I worked at the tanning salon, the hospital then attended my work holiday gathering. The work holiday gathering was definitely a quality over quantity attendance and a blast. We had so much fun hanging out outside of work.

Megan was also in town for a conference so I had the opportunity to have lunch with her and a few hours of quality hanging out time before heading back into the hospital. Tomorrow is another long day of tanning salon and hospital with a break from work on Wednesday.

I really need to get to work on my Christmas cards. I am pretty excited about the one's I picked out this year, so it would be a shame if they didn't make it in the mail.

The biggest thing I am looking forward to this month is heading home for Christmas. I have 5 days off and can't wait to bub it up.

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